Kumtel Inc. began operations in Kayseri in 1972 and was successful in manufacturing the first household telephone in Turkey, a telephone with a money-box (piggy bank). It began operating in the heater sector in 1976, producing ceramic stone heaters, and has since grown to become the market leader in the Turkish market. Through its progressive success, Kumtel Inc. is continuously improving the usage performance of natural gas and electrical energy sources consumed in all our operations, especially in Kayseri, Organized Industrial Area Factory, by preparing energy action plans on the following subjects, all of which are aimed at increasing energy efficiency.

  • The management commits to determining the energy consumption regions and implement the required legal and other relevant conditions that we are obliged to follow.
  • The management is committed to providing all information and necessary resources to meet our energy efficiency goals.
  • Our relevant units promise that all procurement and design works will be done in an energy-efficient manner.
  • Action plans will be prepared to improve energy consumption efficiency.
  • Energy-saving products will be used to improve energy efficiency, and the essential services will be provided.
  • The relevant unit’s personnel will receive the necessary training and information as part of the projects in question.

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