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Kumtel has joint production facilities with a number of different companies in various countries.

It establishes disassembles manufacturing facilities and executes turnkey projects. Kumtel, which has the required necessary infrastructure and highly skilled staff in CKD (Complete knock-down) and SKD (Semi-knocked-down), has established CKD production facilities in over 20 countries in accordance with the country’s requirements.

It contributes to the production in these countries by sending disassembled products to the entire African continent, particularly North Africa, Turkic Republics, Russia, and Middle Eastern countries.

Hence, we ensure that our dealers and business partners benefit from both transportation and tax advantages.

Kumtel carries out its large-scale projects with its mini production facilities and passes on its experience in paint shops, enamel surface coating, injection, and metal processing with its international business partners.

Our expert staff visits these well-established sites on a regular basis to do the essential inspections, training and maintenance.

Kumtel continues to grow as a firm that welcomes collaboration and shares it knowledge and experience of CKD and SKD all around the world.