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Within the scope of ISO 10002 and ISO 9001 Management System Standards,

  • Transparency by fully disclosing information on where and how a customer complaint will be addressed by our personnel and appropriate parties.
  • Accessibility by allowing our customers to reach our customer service representatives at no cost and with ease.
  • Responsiveness to our customers as quickly as possible, in accordance with the principles of equality and fairness, regardless of the urgency of their needs.
  • Objectivity by examining all customer complaints objectively.

Respecting our customers’ personal rights and non-disclosure of their personal information by enhancing confidentiality as well as continuous improvement of product quality as a constant aim. In accordance with the law and customer conditions; in line with the principles of openness, impartiality, fairness and confidentiality; with a customer-oriented approach; equipping our employees with the necessary activities; We record it through the defined process and evaluate it as soon as possible.


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