Kumtel sees its suppliers as an integral part of its success in all business processes and attaches great importance to long-term cooperation. It has adopted the principle of equal distance to all suppliers and undertakes to offer its suppliers the opportunity to act in a fair competitive environment in terms of the information they can provide. Kumtel obliges its suppliers to comply with the general legal rules and the Code of Ethics. While implementing transparency and openness in the business relationship, certified quality management practice, and the cost reduction measures; Kumtel awaits from its suppliers to work in active cooperation, with high product quality guarantee and active participation in product development process.

Kumtel observes the following criteria in the selection of suppliers:

  • Providing price advantage according to sector and market conditions
  • Quality and timely shipment performance to meet the expectations and needs of our company
  • Stable production and supply capacity allocated to Kumtel
  • Response to product development / improvement requests delivered by Kumtel
  • Compliance with the conditions of supply contract signed with Kumtel
  • Compliance with Environmental and Ethical Rules